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Display Boxes

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One of the top concerns of supermarket and retail store owners is displaying and showcasing their items in the most successful and captivating manner possible. Take away the item from the shelf, place it in custom display boxes, and place it in front of the customers. Such product display packaging can be extremely effective. You will highlight the product's features and benefits with counter display boxes. In comparison to relying solely on packaging, such displays help you improve your brand. These boxes are both cost-effective and useful for promotional purposes. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of die-cutting and printing choices.

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Custom Retail Packaging:

If you're looking for a box for retail items! Look no longer!

Your retail packaging will not only be top quality and sustainable, it will also display prominently all contours and content.

Our products help to create your image recognition by simply recognising the packaging that displays your business logo and product summary, thanks to our state-of-the art printing process and our exclusive retail boxes.

Customization Choices: When it comes to cosmetic packaging, PNG Packaging offers a full range of customization options for the entire product line. Create it in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs based on the product requirements.

Premium Printing: Our cutting-edge digital and offset presses, as well as the most modern printing techniques, ensure high-quality printing.

Turnaround Time: always ensures that deadlines are met ahead of schedule according to our turnaround time.

Free Shipping: We offer free shipping throughout the United States and Canada.

Eco-Friendly Printing: We prints packaging boxes with 100 % biodegradable materials.

  • Custom Auto Lock Boxes

Do you like your bulky items to have appealing and solid packaging? Are you afraid that because of heavyweight, the box is damaged? No more, don't say. PNG packaging offers auto-lock bottom boxes for your goods. These boxes have been built to bear the highest load. The bottom of the case can be balanced so that the product inside can have more room. Thus, without loading the product, the box can be adjusted. This box is used for everyday use of items. Eatables and medicine and CBD are included. It's easy to use. As the tuck-in alternative used to make box locked.

They are hand-assembled and used in daily orders that do not require machinery. These personalized auto lock flap boxes are available in either form, size or color.

  • Custom Candle Boxes

As a symbol of illumination candles are part of our daily life. For some times, people use candles, such as parties, birthdays, marriages etc. In addition, it is now in a trend. However, to make it durable, we have to have an eco-friendly packaging for candles cases. Any candle needs to be packaged. You get everything you need by tapping. But are you also looking for packaging that looks good, but still budget-friendly? Bingo! You're where you must be, precisely. We therefore offer personalized boxes for candles of all kinds. Candles have been a significant feature of our daily lives. As a decoration, as an illumination or freshening the air. Packaging is also critical as its importance increases.


  • Custom Bath Bomb Boxes

Unique bath bomb boxes: Bath bomb boxes are of course part of every home. Not only are they used for personal use, but they've now become a recent thing to gift these boxes to the people you cared. Due to a growing trend, companies that sell bath bombs have become aware of new marketing ideas and style of bath bomb sets. We sell a wide variety of personalized bath bomb boxes, made in sleek style and exclusive to satisfy the demand of our clients. This is the basis for PNG Packaging's inexpensive, but high-quality items, we believe in lower prices and better quality. For the manufacture of all boxes, we also use environmentally safe materials. Lower prices do not mean the consistency or design is compromised. Most of our bath bomb boxes have windows installed to shield the package inside, preventing the boxes being damp and destroyed by moisture or humidity. Options for add-on: for decorating and adding value to bath bomb packaging, we often use glittery stickers and other laminating materials to make the boxes much more attractive.

  • Custom Cigarette Boxes

We are here to give you custom cigarette boxes with strong packaging stock and state-of-the-art printing content. For some causes, people smoke. Some smoke for a fashion argument and some smoke for leisure purposes or as a way to relieve discomfort in these unpleasant activities. These cigarette boxes are presented in the most attractive means of grabbing the attention of their customers to help boost the sales of cigarettes. Adopt the most exciting and distinctive styles for the custom boxes such that their names become popular and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. If you pack delicate cigarettes in those premium and enticing packs, the tobacco brand will be recognized. Our competent manufacturers make such revolutionary cigarette packaging that not only keeps cigarettes easy to open but also let’s you recognize them.


  • Custom E Juice Boxes

We are committed to helping you boost brand awareness in vape, e-liquid & e-juice industries and to draw consumers of all ages whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your company. We are proud to represent the e-juice industry. For all customized printed e-juice, we deliver outstanding prices and good quality. Customized e-juice boxes designed by us can be adapted for brilliant visual uniqueness by filling them in gold or silver foiling. We make e-juice boxes with recycled materials which are suitable to store and package aromatic items. Contact us to get e-juice boxes as much budget-friendly and eco-friendly.

  • Custom Header Cards

Custom header cards are the best option if you're looking for a low-cost way to pack your stuff. Header cards are a quick and inexpensive way to mark and package any product. Place your product in a polybag and use staples, double-sided tape, or glue to secure the fold over card to the bag. The header card acts as a tool for brand recognition, while the polybag highlights your stuff. Create custom print header cards that make people take a second glance. They're also known as bag toppers, and they're great for wrapping party flavors like cookies or handmade accessories as well as sealing your items. On glossy or matte cardstock, header cards may be printed on both sides or just one card. You may also use a high-gloss UV coating to set your labels apart from the rest of the products on the shelf.

  • Custom Display Boxes

One of the top concerns of supermarket and retail store owners is displaying and showcasing their items in the most successful and captivating manner possible. Take away the item from the shelf, place it in custom display boxes, and place it in front of the customers. Such product display packaging can be extremely effective. You will highlight the product's features and benefits with counter display boxes. In comparison to relying solely on packaging, such displays help you improve your brand. These boxes are both cost-effective and useful for promotional purposes. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of die-cutting and printing choices.

  • Custom Tissue Boxes

The perfect touch to every branded packaging solution is custom tissue boxes. You can make a totally customized design with your logo and one of our templates. We provide a vast array of tissue boxes which may be customized with your brand or advertisement. Choose from our custom designed tissue box, pocket box w ell, you can select a regular tissue box or opt for something more remarkable. We don't have any installation expenses and we provide you with these customizable tissue boxes at affordable rates.

  • Custom Coffin Boxes

Coffin shaped boxes are a new, very attentive packaging trend. In the market, every retail company looks for the client attention. These boxes have a classy and funky design that grabs customer's attention. For certain retail items we can provide several coffin boxes.


  • Custom Pre-Roll Boxes

Pre-rolling comprises certain cartons which pack the pre-rolled form of hemp, cannabis, and associated herbs. These boxes are generally made from cardboard materials that may easily be given the shape and size of your requirements. Our company provides the fully customized boxes in any size or shapes upon client’s demand. Pre-rolls are delicate and easy to break but our high-quality packaging helps with the longest possible preservation of your cannabis rolls. Our cutting-edge customized boxes are composed of sturdy packing material that best makes such substantial things packed, stored or transited. We can offer you these customized boxes at best cost-effective rates.

  • Custom Toy Boxes

Toys are an object of delight and children relate to anything bright, vivid and joyfull. Toy boxes are manufactured to go hand in hand with the object placed within them in a style and liveliness. Besides the high quality of the toy itself, the packaging needs to be of top quality so that the product's quality is guaranteed. You must make sure that your packaging complements the high quality of your item if you are in the toy market. Our packaging helps you produce the best-looking toyboxes on the market.

  • Custom Apparel Boxes

Apparel boxes improve the look of your clothing articles. Special packaging is needed to prevent damage or maltreatment to your stylish apparel, such as silk shirts, slacks, sweater, bandages, cardigan and loads of other outfits. Do you require superb, inexpensive clothing boxes?  We provide free international shipping of the most inexpensive clothing packing!  In addition, we provide 100 percent personalized boxes.  Furthermore, we offer environmentally friendly packaging.  You may obtain the best-quality apparel wholesale at an affordable cost.

  • Booklets

Printed booklets constitute a marketing and promotional technique that is competent and recession-proof. These booklets include brochures, pockets, and digital publications. The personalization of booklets has contributed a convincing quality to the masses. Those booklets are used for a company or brand business card. This is one of the longest-lasting sales. Catalogues, manuals or event programmers can be used with fliers.  Our booklets are piled together on the folding machine to generate a premium product free of premium prices.

  • Binding with saddle seams.
  • Various stock alternatives for paper.
  • The color quality is outstanding.
  • Select a range of sizes.


  • Brochures

Printing brochures: structured information sharing. Does your business have a lot to say? A personalised brochure is a marketing classic that offers you an extra space for your business storey, for product and service prospects or simply for sales. Business brochures are compact and adaptable and may be delivered at events, mailed or put on the office worktops.  If you're looking particularly professional and nice to make your brochures seem or Looking for a symbol of your company and services for a personalised brochure?  Please ask us to develop a brochure for all your company needs. We have expertise and sophisticated technology for art printing that guarantees outstanding printing.

  • Business Cards

First impressions matter — particularly on business cards. They are crucial for networking if they include relevant contact information and other features.  A business card provides information on a person or firm for years to come. They usually share the fundamental credentials of a person or firm, such as name, logo (for a firm), e-mail address and phone numbers, during official business sessions.  Usually known as visiting card, cards with a glossy or matte finish are printed on a certain type of the card paper. Various alternatives are available to acquire customized business cards with the signature. This is a short overview of the standard dimension of the business card:

  • Size of business card: 3.5" x 2"
  • Size of business card: 85 x 55 mm cm/mm
  • Photoshop business card size: 1050 x 600 pixels

We also offer any customized sizes according to your business card requirement.

  • Flyers

Flyers are excellent for outside promotion but also very efficient for inside promotions, parties and fundraisers at or for events.  Focused publicity flyers will contribute to inspire and remind clients of your valuable products and services.  On your corporate flyers you may also incorporate a discount.  Printing leaflets assist to demonstrate your clients’ seasonal benefits.  For a grand opening - flyers and flyers are a terrific method to spread the news. When you organize a grand opening.  To achieve optimal results, use business flyers alongside other print marketing items.

  • Pillow boxes

Custom-made Pillow Boxes lead the markets to brand a whole new life and energy due of their unparalleled quality.  You can try to arme your goods with paper packaging if you think your product is of great quality and merits special gratitude among clients.  Nothing but excellent packaging and presentation are needed for a quality product.  The paper pillow boxes are therefore a technique to achieve lighting levels and to bring fresh breath to existence. You should concentrate on the greatest pillow packing solution if you want to distinguish your products in the industry and capture shoppers' hearts.  The pillow boxes are available in numerous styles and in different sizes.  These pillow boxes are a wonderful way of packaging your items.

  • Beard Oil Boxes

You could have personalised beard oil packaging, properly created, produced with the highest material quality. These boxes are the best solution to store your beard oil safely against any physical and chemical changes. As a top-notch Custom Beard Oil Boxes,  Our high quality, environmental boxes are ideal for holding and protecting your beard oils.  Also maintain its freshness for a long time.  Please place an order to obtain all the needed information on these imaginative, personalized beard oil boxes as you like. Provides skillful design of Premium Custom Beard Oil Packaging in the shortest time and at the smallest price achievable.