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Magnetic Rigid Boxes

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If limited investment is made in packaging, the price tag can be immensely influenced. Nothing shouts more luxury than a rigid package and customers are genuinely excited about the presentation and beauty of this content. The PNG Packaging Company offers you unique rigid boxes of high quality that increase the value of your goods and provide you with more sales returns.

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As a customer, the most important factor in selecting a product is the packaging. And we are here to assist cosmetic brands in the market by providing them with high-quality cosmetic packaging boxes. Customers are drawn to a product's outer appearance most of the time, so your cosmetics must have an appealing and enticing touch. If you want to become famous as a retailer, you must engage more customers with your brand. Product packaging is required, and it must be sufficiently customized to distinguish your product from other similar cosmetic products.

Customization Choices: When it comes to cosmetic packaging, PNG Packaging offers a full range of customization options for the entire product line. Create it in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs based on the product requirements.

Premium Printing: Our cutting-edge digital and offset presses, as well as the most modern printing techniques, ensure high-quality printing.

Turnaround Time:  always ensures that deadlines are met ahead of schedule according to our turnaround time.

Free Shipping: We offer free shipping throughout the United States and Canada.

Eco-Friendly Printing: We prints packaging boxes with 100 % biodegradable materials.

Lipsticks are the most widely used and essential product in feminine makeup. This product's packaging should be just as appealing as the item itself. Lipstick Boxes with artistic designs serve this purpose to the fullest and most efficiently. These boxes come in a variety of custom shapes and sizes. They can be die-cut and printed with a variety of embellishments. We provide Custom Printed Lipstick Boxes that are tailored to your specifications. Contact us to order these personalized boxes and promote your cosmetic brand in an original way.

PNG Packaging creates such environmentally friendly eyelash packaging that not only protects the delicate lashes but also improves their appearance and makes them more appealing. Our high-quality Custom Eyelash Boxes complement the style and other appeals of this stunning makeup item. Contact us if you want long-lasting and attractive eyelash boxes that are fully tailored to your needs.

Eyeliners are regarded as a basic element or product used in eye makeup. Eyeliners come in a variety of forms, including liquid, gel, cake, and powder. Custom eyeliner boxes aid in the preservation of this makeup tool in its original form and quality for an extended period of time. They also complement and emphasize their style and elegance. These boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be    die-cut in a variety of ways. Extra sleeves, pockets, and partitions can be added as well.

We, at PNG Packaging, assist you in presenting your creams in enticing packaging that will captivate your customers. Our Customized Cream Boxes are excellent for attracting the desired market. To adorn custom boxes, we offer a wide range of custom designs, prints, and add-on options. Contact us right away if you want to purchase well-designed cream boxes at a low cost.

Eyeshadows are one of the most popular cosmetics products. Eyeshadows are an essential component of any beauty regimen. Without them, the makeup line appears to be lacking. Eyeshadow boxes are just as important as the product because they are the reason for the eyeshadows' successful sale. They aid in attracting and retaining customer attention. Eyeshadow packaging should be stylish and eye-catching enough to influence the buyer's purchasing decision.

Foundations are extremely sensitive to the outside environment; a well-maintained box will extend its life and provide it with a pure value. Since foundations must be well preserved in order to be used on the face, well-known makeup artists suggest foundations with high quality, as well as the quality of the box in which they are stored. Get Custom Foundation Boxes in all shapes and sizes with your company's logo and product description for a low price.

In the world of beauty, hair extensions are the latest craze. As a result of the rise of this new trend in the fashion industry, makeup companies have become engrossed in a race to be the number one brand in this product's market. They strive to encase their product in as much alluring and enticing packaging as possible for this reason. PNG Packaging manufactures the highest quality and most affordable Hair Extension Boxes. Throughout the manufacturing process, we use high-quality materials and digital printing techniques. We create personalized boxes to suit your specifications. Contact us if you're looking for high-quality hair extension boxes at a reasonable price.

There are several different forms of hair sprays available on the market. Customers are finding it difficult to choose the best option among them. In this case, the personalized Hair Spray Boxes with detailed product details come in handy. These boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be stylized and printed in a variety of ways. Windows, product detail, marking, lamination, shining spotlight UV, and raised ink are additional aids that add to the usefulness and value of these boxes. So, make your product stand out from the competition by giving it a unique look.

People all over the world use lip balm for daily use at home, in the workplace, and on special occasions. As a result, hundreds of lip balm brands have flooded the market. To stay afloat in such a crowded market, these companies introduce fresh and exciting flavors. This necessitates the creation of superior and stylish personalized lip balm packaging that will entice customers to purchase one for themselves. A good lip balm box should be appealing to the eye and useful to the manufacturer.

Cosmetic companies, like any other beauty product, are displaying their lip balms in lip balm showcase boxes to boost sales. You may order to increase the perceived value of this commodity. PNG Packaging offers low-cost custom lip balm display boxes.

These days, lip glosses are commonly used. The customer has an intuition of what they purchase from a bottle with a gloss cover. In the commercial judgement of the consumer, a well-determined box will play a key role. Most consumers prefer premium products, and the messages are sent through high quality lip-gloss packets. The packaging is used by most businesses to distinguish themselves. Why not you? 

Contact us to get exclusive boxes to pack lip gloss items to make sure the brand and competitors have another statement.

We offer customized nail polish boxes with various nail colors. When our specially made boxes contain the variety of nail colors, their appeal improves. Nail polish boxes are commonly used by many people all around the world every day. These nail polish boxes play an important part in improving product elegance. In the whole manufacturing phase of these boxes, we use premium material stock, which helps secure nail polishes from harm or spoilage. Contact us to get these environmentally friendly and affordable custom boxes.

If limited investment is made in packaging, the price tag can be immensely influenced. Nothing shouts more luxury than a rigid package and customers are genuinely excited about the presentation and beauty of this content. The PNG Packaging Company offers you unique rigid boxes of high quality that increase the value of your goods and provide you with more sales returns.